Masjid At Tawheed Ramadhaan Schedule 2019

Masjid At Tawheed hosts Ramadhaan 2019 for the first time since its re-opening. We would attempt to complete the whole Quraan during Taraaweeh (first twenty nights) and Qiyaam Ul Layl (last ten nights) with the tawfeeq of Allah. 

  • Update! The crescent was not sighted here in Trinidad on Sunday May 5th, therefore we would complete 30 days of Sha’ban and the first night of Ramadhaan and Taraaweeh would be on Monday 6th, fasting would begin on Tuesday 7th May Insha Allah.
  • The Salah would be led by our two Salafi Hufaadh Abdul Maalik And Sideeq Abnaa Abdil Haqq.
  • There would also be Majaalisu Ramadhaan (Sittings) every night on various pertinent topics for 10-15 mins between the Adhaan and Iqaamah of Salaatul Eshaa insha Allah.
  • The Adhaan for Salaatul Eshaa throughout the month would be at 7:40 pm and the Iqaamah at 8:00 pm insha Allah.
  • Alhamdulillah we are trying to accommodate Iftaar every day throughout the whole month with Allah’s aid and the support of the brothers and sisters. Anyone who would like to contribute towards the Iftaar then please call 1-868-488-6573

We pray to Allah that He blesses us to be from those who reap all the benefits and blessings Ramadhaan comes with.

May Allah bless all the brothers and sisters for their constant effort, support and supplications and make their scales heavy Yawmal Qiyaamah.


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