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2019 Anti-Carnival Seminar

Join Masjid At Tawheed Trinidad for our 2019 Anti-Carnival Seminar. Our Ustaadh Abu Abdil Maalik Abdu Haqq would be reading and translating The 50 Benefits from the Advice of Luqman The Slave to His Son from the works of Shaykh Rabee Ibn Hadi and Shaykh Abdur Razaq Al Badr.

The program will commence on Saturday 2nd of March from after the Magrib Salah and continue Insha Allah until Eeshaa Salah Tuesday 5th. There would be Qur,aan classes after Fajr for the duration of the seminar insha Allah as well as some fun activities and sports.

The brothers and sisters would be permitted to stay in the Masjid for the duration of the program adhering to the following rules:

  1. Bring a sleeping bag or something to spread on the carpet when sleeping.
  2. The masjid must be maintained and cleaned every day insha Allah.
  3. No excessive talking and noise in the masjid, observing the sakeenah and fulfilling the legislative rights of the masjid.
  4. All people planning to stay must register with the Masjid’s administration prior to staying.
  5. Be expected to fully co-operate with the Masjid’s admin as it pertains to organisation of the classes, food and other fun activities planned.
  6. We expect all participants to bring notepads, pens and ample money to asssist in food preparations.

Please call 683-5071 or 683-5073 for more info and registration.

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